Regatta and Event Schedule

Spring 2017

Updated 3-2-17

Dates and venue are subject to change. For information about the guide to regattas, click here.


Teams Participating

Regatta - Event

Monday - Thursday, April 11 - 13

All Teams

Spring Break Training

Hempstead Park, Boathouse

Saturday, April 22

Selected Varsity Teams only*

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Mercer Sprints

Princeton, NJ

Sunday, April 23

All Teams

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Row for Autism

Hempstead Park

Saturday, April 29

MS Team


Scrimmage with Row New York


Saturday, April 29 – Sunday, April 30

HS, selected Varsity & Novice*

Possible overnight stay

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Saratoga Invitational

Saratoga Springs, NY

Sunday, May 7

All Teams

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Long Island Championships

Sagamore RC, Bayville, NY

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Saturday, May 13

MS Team

Scrimmage with Row New York

Cancelled due to high winds

Friday, May 12 -Saturday, May 13 -Sunday, May 14

HS, Varsity & Novice

Possible overnight stay

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NYS HS Championships

Saratoga Spring, NY

Friday, May 19 - Saturday, May 20


HS Varsity**


Philadelphia, PA

Thursday, May 25

MS Team

Scrimmage Row New York

Queens, NY

Saturday, June 3

National Learn to Row Day

Hempstead Park,


Friday, June 9 - Saturday, June 10 - Sunday, June 11

Women's 2-, Women's Lwt 4, Men's 4

Youth Nationals

Sarasota, FL

* selected by the coaches

** can be limited to only 1 boys and 1 girls boat