Middle School Winter Season 2017-2018

The goal of our Middle School or Novice rower winter season is to develop every rower in strength and rowing skills in an age-appropriate way. Sessions are designed to provide a mixture of strength building circuits and erging workouts.

Strength building will incorporate body weight exercises and flexibility. Erg workouts will reinforce proper and safe form.


We are very excited to announce that Port Rowing found a great partner in NXT-GEN Fitness for our winter training. We will have our own erg room and together with the NXT-GEN coaches we have developed a conditioning program according to the Parisi model. It will be a great boost and step forward for the rowers and our program. You can find more information about NXT-GEN here: https://www.nxtgenfitness.com/photos-and-videos




Skills and Drills

Skills and Drills is the perfect entry to rowing for any middle or novice high school athlete (a novice is defined by no prior rowing experience) to build a strong foundation for the spring season or to just get in shape. We encourage the middle school or HS novice rower with some experience to participate in this 3 day a week program. Sessions will be appropriately challenging physically, while focused on developing proper technique for rowing and body movement. The work outs will contain a mix of rowing on the ergometer and a body circuit work out. On Monday the rowers will get a very specific body power work out given by the NXT-GEN coaches. Training will be at NXT-GEN Fitness, located at 2 Channel Dr in Port Washington.

The winter training is split up into 2 programs:

- Winter 1 runs from November 27 till December 21, 2017. Work out schedule:

 Mon  Thu  Fri
Erg + NXT-GEN training Erg + body circuit Erg + body circuit

Winter 2 runs from January 3 till February 13, 2018. Work out schedule:

 Mon  Wed  Thu  Fri
 Erg + NXT-GEN training  Erg + body cicuit  Erg + NXT-GEN training  Erg + body circuit


Skills and Drills Winter 1 (11/27 - 12/21) is a 4 week training program and meets 3 days/week: Monday, Thursday & Friday, 3:45-5:00pm. $425. Class size is limited.


Skills and Drills Winter 2 (1/3 - 2/13) is a 6 week training program and meets 4 days/week: Monday, Wednesday, Thursday & Friday 3:45-5:00 pm. $650. Class size is limited.


Sign up for both Skill & Drill Winter Training Programs and save $50. The discount should automatically be applied at checkout ($1025 total).