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(Closed until the spring) You can now order your Port Rowing gear following the instructions below. If you have questions about sizing, contact the person listed below from RegattaSport. Individual orders can also be made directly through RegattaSport, but pricing and shipping will be different than a team purchase. 

  • All HS (Varisty + Novice) Rowers are required to wear a Port Rowing Uni-Suit and a Port Rowing Henley Shirt.
  • Middle School Rowers will wear black shirts and black shorts for events and regattas.

You will be able to purchase other Port Rowing gear besides the uni and Henley shirt. 

What kind of rowing gear to order? To stay warm, it is always best to wear several layers when rowing. For example when you are dealing with colder temperatures, usually a thermal long sleeve shirt, regular t-shirt, uni, a rowing vest and a long thights will be sufficient. Make sure that it is tight fitting gear as with the rowing motion you need to move freely. More questions? Frequently Asked Questions



Team Spirit Gear 

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Our Port Rowing Gear store sells all kinds of clothing and accessories and is open 365 days a year. Family, friends and other supporters of Port Rowing are encouraged to wear our colors at regattas and other events.